Pencil Cup and knitting

I made this generously sized pencil cup in a matter of minutes tonight. I peeled the label off of a clean, empty can, cut some paper to size and adhered it using double sided tape.

I posed the pencil cup with a vintage deer plant holder. Behind the deer is a green trunk with a hole for a plant. I inherited it from my grandma. Isn't it adorable? And behind the deer is a little white vintage flower pot.
I've been very into cleaning up lately and realized that I needed more storage for my writing utensils. I also needed a place of honor for my new wooden tulips. I purchased them while I was in Holland at a flower market. I chose the unlaquered, more natural ones over the bright shiny ones. I love them.

And, last but not least, is a current knitting project. This is half of a scarf from Vogue Knitting Spring/Summer 2005. The one pictured in the magazine is also pink. The lace leaf pattern is pretty easy but interesting to knit. The scarf is done one half at a time and then grafted together.

I'm going to be shorter on words tonight than I would like because my right thumb hurts to hit the space bar. I think I have space bar injury. Apparently, I always use that thumb to make a space. ouch. So, now I have to use my awkward left thumb and my typing has slowed significantly. Do you have a preferred space bar thumb? Fortunately, I don't think knitting will hurt the thumb.