Reversible Shoulder Bag - Updates

UPDATE: links updated to function properly
Reversible Shoulder Bag Size Small

I've had a few inquiries regarding my free Reversible Shoulder Bag pattern that I been meaning to respond to. First, a while back, a request was made for a small version of the pattern. This pattern scales proportionally and I've made a small version a few times (pictured). It fits nicely under the arm and carries only the essentials. A light-weight cotton version also packs well for travel. The small version is approximately 17 inches high and 11 inches wide before sewing. Click here to download a tiled pdf pattern. If you want to make your own pattern, use the diagram for the large size and scale is proportionally. The diagram can be found on page 3 of the pdf instructions.

Also there was a request for a full-size pdf of the pattern (not tiled) for printing on a large format printer. Click here to download the large size and here for the small. The large size document is 19 inches wide and 29 inches high. I'll also add links to the sidebar.

On another side note, I've had a couple of inquiries from people asking if they can use the pattern I created to make bags for sale. While I do provide the pattern for free download and personal use, I don't authorize it's use for profit. This is standard protocol for patterns and copyright. An exception is the fabulous which allows the use of their patterns for profit. Their patterns are open source and copyright free (explanation here). If you need a pattern for bags to make for sale, check out these BurdaStyle patterns: the Diana, the Charlie.

The alternative is to create your own patterns. You are welcome to use my pattern as inspiration, and make changes to create your own design. It's really hard to say no to requests, but I don't feel comfortable authorizing unlimited use of my pattern for others' profit. Making patterns can take some practice and always takes multiple tries to get right. The more sewing you do, the easier it will be to create your own patterns. Just don't be afraid. Give it a try and embrace your own creativity.

Please continue to download the pattern and make the Reversible Shoulder Bag for personal use. I love to hear from you and I love to see photos too. Don't forget, you can upload photos to the Flickr group too.