Refashion – Cardigan Scrap Fabric Binding

I had this nice basic gray cardigan but the binding was starting to fray and come apart. I also had a bin full of vintage scrap fabric from my great aunt. Inspiration struck and I decided to replace the frayed binding with a scrappy pieced one.

What do you think? I think maybe the pieces I used are too long. And I don't want to look too crafty, crafty homemade. However it is the kind of style I could imagine finding at Anthropologie. Don't believe me? Check out these: Floriography Cardigan, Vermeil Streams Cardigan, Piled Stripes Cardigan, and my favorite the Intarsia Bow Cardigan. Maybe it needs more embellishment??

Sewing Fail - Why can't I get eyelets to work?

Today I was planning to show a cool finished bag with triangle corners and featuring extra large eyelets at the top for the straps to run through. But after lots and lots of hammering, NOTHING happened. I swear I followed the instructions but I just can't get it to work.

Have you had success with applying grommets, eyelets or snaps? Have you ever used a tool like this or this? Do they work better than the little metal post things? I'd love to know if you have any advice. I always find frustration and disappointment when trying to do these.

Refashion – Sporty Tank Top

This sporty little tank top started out as a loose, knit peasant top that fell off my shoulders on the rare occasion that I actually wore it. The yellow contrast fabric is the swatch from a fabric I have on Spoonflower. (If you'd like to get some of your own, you can actually purchase it here.) I used the basic tank pattern that I used for my Dip Hem Dress

See more pics after the jump.

The yellow fabric is a woven and the rest a knit. I love the contrast and have been wanting to try it for a long time. It's definitely something that I'll try again.

I wasn't really intending it to turn out so sporty looking but how could it not with the angled shoulder pieces and contrast binding? Oh well, lesson learned. My next tank will be the flowy, chic one I had imagined.