Mini DIY Tutorial – Origami Paper Wrapped Candles

Happy New Year! For the first post of the year, I have a little mini tutorial. It's the perfect quick craft project to spruce up a drab corner of the house. The other week I was at the grocery store and found these tall candles in glass jars for just $1.50. I decided to spruce up the plain white glass with a little origami paper and washi tape.

How to Make Paper Wrapped Candles

Origami Paper
Double Sided Tape
Washi Tape

Step 1: Cut origami paper in 1.5 by 3 inch pieces.

Step 2: Apply a piece of double side tape to each long side of a piece of paper and stick to candle. Repeat until covered all the way around in an even stripe.

Step 3: Apply a strip of washi tape around the top and bottom of the paper stripe.


  • Experiment with color combinations. Try all monochrome colors or natural tones or go bold with neons and brights.
  • Use a variety of paper sizes, covering the whole glass with full sheets of paper or just a thin strip at top or bottom.
  • Make a checkerboard design or put the design on an angle 
  • Layer papers on top of each other
  • Use rows of washi tape


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DIY Wrapping Paper

I had so much fun wrapping gifts this year with my own DIY painted wrapping paper. Even better, it cost practically nothing to make. Naturally, I wanted to post this before Christmas but just didn't get around to it. You know how it goes. And anyway, you can make use of this craft anytime of year. It only takes a little bit of time to do and it's totally worth it.

Brown packing paper (I used paper that came in a box from Amazon which means it was free to me. yay!)
Paint, color of your choosing
foam brushes and/or cork (I used a wine cork to make circles)

What to do:
Paint any design you want on your paper and allow to dry. I used the foam brushes to paint rectangles and a wine cork to paint circles at even intervals all over the paper. 

This paper is so casual and fun. I actually like that it's wrinkled and imperfect. I think it's rather charming that way. In my painting I tried metallic paint which created a subtle, sophisticated look and a neon green (my favorite) for a punchy, fun look. Using packing paper is not only affordable it's also earth friendly. Yay recycling! Another great way to keep the wrapping costs on the cheap is to use scraps of yarn for ribbon. You can also write messages directly on the paper. 

Even more fun was the washi tape I used to wrap the presents. I now understand why everyone seems to be so into this tape. Seriously, I think I'm going to find some more gifts for people just so that I can wrap them. I'll definitely be using the heart tape come Valentine's Day. I love how the white of the tape is a little bit transparent. So sweet. It perfectly complements the brown wrinkled paper. 

Even though the presents are wrinkled and haphazard, you can tell that they were wrapped with love and care and really that's what gift giving is all about. If you are looking for some decorative Merry Christmas gift tags, check out my free to download printables here. See sample above.


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