Happy Birthday to Me!

This last week has been so busy. Between birthday celebrations for others and celebrating my own birthday it's been non-stop. One of the birthday gifts I'm most excited about is my new 50mm camera lens. Nerdy. I know. So, I wanted to show off one of my first photos using the new lens that I took at a friend's birthday. It does take some getting used to not being able to zoom but you just have to back up or move closer. Not that hard. I'm really looking forward to playing around with this lens some more and I will definitely share with you.

I'm on Instagram!

I joined Instagram this weekend. Although I'm still learning, it is as much fun as I expected it to be. I'm posting the photos to my flickr account (which seems to be the easiest way to follow along). I really enjoy the immediacy of being able to pull out my phone, take a snapshot and send it out to the world. Most of the time, I'd rather communicate with pictures than words anyway. Also putting the effects on my photos is pretty fun. It can make an ordinary picture a little extra special. Are you on instagram? What do you think?