December's Theme is Christmas

I think I mentioned yesterday that I am seriously getting into the Christmas spirit, dreaming of wrapping presents, decorating my trees (yes multiples! of course), baking cookies, drinking cocoa and generally eating a lot of delicious food. I don't even really mind all of the Christmas music permeating my radio. The last few years I have not been this excited about the season mostly because I work on holiday designs all year long and by the time Christmas rolls around I'm thinking, "Aren't we done we that yet?".

This year I'm happy to have my Christmas spirit back in full force and I'm planning some fun things to do this month including decorations, printables and maybe a little baking. Please come back and join me throughout the month.  I'm also constantly adding new eye candy to my two Christmas themed Pinterest boards: Holiday Crafting and Christmas.


Follow along with me here:

October's Blog Theme is Autumn

The change of seasons is always worth celebrating and when you're tired of the summer heat like I am, then Autumn is the most welcome season of all. This month I'll be sharing fashion, food, crafting, knitting, and sewing – pretty much all the Autumn inspiration you could hope for. Please come back and visit throughout the month. Also check out my "Falling Into Autumn" pinboard on Pinterest for more inspiration.

September Theme – Quilting

Quilting has always appealed to me as a great way to combine two dimensional design and craft. I took a quilting class about 6 or 7 years ago and I've started a few quilts but never actually finished. So, in order to jump start my quilt making, I'm making quilting and piecing the theme for September. This month I'll be sharing inspiration, works in progress and hopefully some finished projects too. I hope that you will come back and visit throughout the month.