DIY Roundup – Easter Crafts

I love making Easter crafts. They are so cheerful, fun and totally cute. Plus, I can't think of another holiday where you get to decorate your food quite this much! The closest food decorating holiday might be cookies at Christmas. Can you think of other holidays that focus so closely on DIY'ing your food? I'm going to be so embarrassed if there's an obvious one I just can't remember right now! Anyway, I've been finding lots of cool Easter DIY's lately and today I have a few of my favorites to share with you. Follow my Crafting board on Pinterest to keep up with my latest finds. And just in case you missed it, yesterday I shared a tutorial and pattern for making a Bunny Coin Purse. Go check it out! :)

Clockwise from top left:  Natural Easter Eggs //  Clay Bunny Bowls  //  Crocheted Easter Eggs  //  Sleepy Bunny Treat Bags