Moodboard – Brushstrokes

A week or so ago, I had to get out my old paint and paintbrushes to create a custom art piece for a freelance job. It was really fun to be getting messy again with paint and it has been inspiring some new DIY projects (coming to the blog soon!). Meanwhile, I want to share some of my favorite brushstroke printed fashion finds. I love the variety of pattern that can be created with brushstrokes. It can be very abstract and random, or more controlled with stripes or dots. Or, like the dress on the top left, a combination of different markings. What do you think? Are you going to try out the brushstroke look? 

Top row from left:  White Dress  //  Ombre Dress  //  Blue Shirtdress  //  Top

Bottom row from left:  Black Dress  //  Blue Dot Case  //  Dotted Skirt  //  Striped Top  //  Bag

See my Pinterest board for even more finds!