Moodboard – Spring Dresses


I love dresses for any time of year but spring is the season to introduce something a little more fun and a little more flirty to your wardrobe. Today, I've put together a moodboard of sweet dresses all for under $70 (woohoo!). This week's moodboard is inspired by Selfish Sewing Week which if you are a sewist you might be aware is happening this week. I am in general a very selfish sewist and do not need a reason to make myself something. But I also have way too many dresses already in my closet so I figure that if I made myself a sweet, spring frock, just to satisfy my fashion whims, it will qualify as a bit selfish. I have a dress all cut out and ready for me to start stitching. I'm hoping that I'll get some time this week to put it together and celebrate some Selfish Sewing. 

Top row (from left):  Paisley Dress  //  Wrap Front Stripe  //  Floral Stripe  //  Pale Green

Bottom row:  Coral Flutter Sleeve  //  Jacquard Sundress  //  Pink T-shirt Dress  //  Chambray