Moodboard – Comfort Zone

Working from home the past few months I've settled into a very casual style. If I happen to leave the house for a meeting, an outing with friends or venture with my laptop to the coffee shop, I do make a particular effort to dress up. But while I'm at home, all I want to do is stay comfortable. As the weather starts to get a touch cooler, I'm looking forward to trading in my summer wear for sweat pants and sweaters. As the nights are getting cooler I can sense that Fall will be here soon. Yay! Here are a few of my favorite fashion picks for my Fall work-at-home wardrobe. 

Top row, from left:  Pullover Sweater  //  Pink Sneakers  //  Moisturizer  //  Cardigan  //  Scarf  //  Zip Hem Sweater

Bottom row, from left:  Patterned Track Pants  //  Sweat Pants //  Hand Lotion  //  Socks  //  Navy Tank  //  Striped Tank