Pinterest Picks – Cleaning Up

I've been spending the last week or more cleaning out closets, going to Goodwill, getting things repaired, using up fabric scraps and generally making my home (and car!) the best it can be. I still need to do another drop off at Goodwill, organize some papers and have a new light fixture installed in my kitchen but I feel well on my way to having a fresh, clean home. I stalled out on my latest sewing project before Christmas and haven't been able to get it going again. I have however made a ton of progress on a scrap quilt. I just finished the back and now I just need to quilt it (the scary part!!!). In between all that cleaning and quilting, I've been slowly keeping up with my blog reading and adding to my Pinterest boards. Here are a few of my favorites from the week.

Clockwise from top left:  Nutella Rugelach  //  How to fix Brioche Knitting  //  DIY Geode Hooks  //  Patchwork Favor Bags

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