Moodboard – Work it Out

I do think that working out is the one of the most boring things ever but I try to make myself go as often as I can. I can't tell you how many times I've hopped on the elliptical and found myself thinking how deathly bored I am. Of course, an iphone loaded with killer music or fresh podcasts and trashy tv really helps keep my mind occupied while the body is moving. When working from home, I try to always change out of my pj's as soon as possible in order to mentally prepare for the day. And often that means putting on my workout clothes–double motivation! Here are a few of my favorite fashion pieces to keep me stylish while I sweat it out.

Top row, from left:  Hoodie  //  Shoes  //  Coral Tank  //  Headphones  //  Sports Bra  //  Gray Funnel Neck

Bottom row, from left: Gray Joggers  //  Leather Like Sweatpants  //  Blue Tank  //  Gray Sweatshirt

How do you motivate yourself to exercise? Do you have favorite workouts? Favorite workout music?