Moodboard – Everyday Winter Style

After my move a month ago, I got out of the habit of doing any sewing. My brain and my to-do list were so full of house things that I had no room to even consider sewing garments. So it makes sense that my first sewing project in the new house was a home decor project (posted here). Now that the sewing machine is plugged in and things are mostly put away in the sewing room, I'm finally starting to think about what I want to sew next.

For some reason I was really stumped. I usually have a long running list of projects I want to make but this time the inspiration well had run dry. It was time for a moodboard. The weather has gotten much cooler (I moved closer to the ocean and it's consistently 10 degrees cooler in my new neighborhood). So, I'm ready to bundle up in lots and lots of layers. Today I have a few of my RTW inspiration items but I'm definitely already thinking about how to DIY this. Stay tuned for more plans on my Winter Wardrobe. :)

Top row, from left: Cardigan  ::  Turtleneck  ::  Sneakers  ::  Plaid Shirt  ::  Red Beanie  ::  Jeans

Bottom row: Plaid Coat  ::  Perfume  ::  Bath Crystals  ::  Mittens  ::  Booties  ::  Leather Tote  ::  Lip Tint  ::  Watch