Moodboard – Cat-entine's Day

I realized recently that this is my first V-Day with my sweet kitty Fox and as I spend so much time with his sweet, little fuzz face I decided that this year, I would celebrate CAT-entine's Day. hee hee. Cats are the best, lazy homebodies so this moodboard is all about hanging out at home and celebrating our love for kitties. That super awesome kitty tote bag is from the Stay Home Club. It's currently sold out but you can sign up to be notified when it's back. I have one and it's super big, which I love.

Top row, from left:  Bathrobe  //  Scarf  //  Candle  //  Overnight Hydrating Mask (this stuff really works!)  //  Slippers  //  Cropped Sweatshirt  //  Joggers (currently on sale!)

Bottom row:  Raglan Sweatshirt  //  Lip Balm  //  Cat Clutch  //  Bralette (currently on sale!) //  Slipper Socks  //  Beanie  //  Tote Bag

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