Call for Pattern Testers – NOW CLOSED


I'm looking for a few pattern testers, specifically in the XXS (32" bust) and L-XXL sizes (40-50" bust). UPDATE! I'm now looking for sizes XS and XXL. (Size chart and garment illustrations are in the sign up form linked at the bottom.) Testing will start this coming Monday and run for two weeks. During that time you'll need to sew up the garment, following the provided instructions, take photos of the garment on a person and provide feedback on the pattern via an online form. 

The pattern is for a drop shoulder sweatshirt with a yoke. It has a cropped length that narrows toward the high hip. The pattern is designed for knit fabric with at least 20% stretch. It's a pretty quick sew, about 2-3 hours from cutting out to finished. 

JUNE 18 (MONDAY) Patterns emailed to testers and invites to the Facebook group will be sent by this date. As soon as you receive the pattern, you can start testing. 

JULY 2 (MONDAY) Feedback/Photos due
The testing period will last for two weeks. During this time you'll need to sew the sweatshirt, fill out the online form providing feedback on the pattern and take photos of your garment (preferably while wearing it). Some photos will be used in tester roundup blog posts (with your permission). I'm sorry I can't guarantee that all photos will be used.

During the testing period, there will be a private Facebook group where you can ask questions of me and the other testers, share photos and (hopefully) also find inspiration and motivation. This will be my first time hosting a FB group and I'm hoping that it will create a sense of community during the testing period. If FB is not your thing, email is still perfectly fine.

After the pattern is released, you will receive a copy of the final pattern and another pattern of your choice from my shop.

To sign up, fill out this form.