A simple plan for time management

I had this idea for judiciously dividing my time among the many things I needed and wanted to do around the house. First I needed to clean. Second I wanted to make some garments. Third I had some home dec projects. (Note none of these categories contained one single thing. Afterall, why make organization easy?) So with my projects organized, I grabbed the kitchen timer and set it to 20 minutes. Each time it rang I would finish the immediate task at hand, prepare for the next task and set the timer again.

I made it through multiple rounds fairly successfully. I completed two pillow covers, cut out one shirt, cleaned the bathroom and kitchen and made a load of soup. I'm exhausted. And there's still more to do. Vacuuming and the polka dot blouse will have to wait for tomorrow.

Below are the envelope style pillow covers. The blue fabric is a remnant and the rest are scraps.

I used "20 inch" ikea pillow forms. The pillows are actually less than 20 inches square so the covers are a little loose.
It took about an hour and half to make the two pillow covers. I like the contrast in color and pattern. I want to do more experimenting with combining prints effectively.