Weekend Crafting Free Patterns & Tips

Happy Weekend everybody! Trying to decide what to do this weekend? Well, here are a few things to (hopefully) inspire you, now or anytime.Amy Butler Free Patterns

I've been a fan of Amy Butler's design for a few years now. I don't visit her website very often so I was pleasantly surprised yesterday to see some cool free patterns added. Shown above from top left: Sweet Greetings Portfolios, Business Card Keeper, Fabric Leaves and Nigella Silhouettes. Check them out.

Sewing tip:
Oil your machine! It will run like new again.

Drops Design Free Patterns

I discovered this Norwegian company through another blog. They have lots and lots of free knitting and crochet patterns that are beautiful and on trend. There are patterns for women, men and children not to mention socks and accessories. There's also a really nice search feature that allows you to search by yarn fiber and gauge. The patterns are usually written in multiple styles including both English and American terminology. When you find a pattern you like, click the flag of your choice to see the pattern. Go to the home page to select a language other than English. Shown above from top left (links to US terminology patterns): Short Jacket, Lacy Cotton Hat, Crochet Diamond Tank and Pleated Jacket. Check out all the patterns!

Knitting tip:
When knitting from a pattern chart, use post-it notes to track which line you are on. Since the charts are read from the bottom up, I place a post it above the line I'm reading. When I'm ready for the next line, I move the post-it. All the moving around does remove the tackiness so keep replacements handy.