ing costume

The last couple weeks have been a whirlwind of costume making. My brother and his friend Max have a band called ing. Yesterday they performed at LACMA (LA County Museum of Art) for a project put on by the gallery Machine Project. The museum was taken over by many artists, musicians and performers with art installations, music, classes and more. ing took on the feat of performing for seven hours while walking around the museum without stopping. They did this while dressed as an alien, which is where I became involved.

A couple weeks ago we met to discuss what kind of costume they wanted. We decided on a pair of smocks connected by a tube between their chests and hood/masks covering their faces. Every part of their bodies was covered by the costume. In addition, the smocks had to transport all of their musical instruments.
We journeyed to the fashion district of LA and picked out this metallic hologram fabric.
From there my work began.
Many hours and a few late nights later, the costume was complete and the band was dressed and ready to perform. The official description of their performance:
Slow Walking Color Takers
Two travelers from another dimension are transported to LACMA in search of vibrant color combinations. Upon discovery, specific colors elicit mysterious sounds from the alien tourists.
The whole day was amazing. I loved seeing people react to their performance. Reactions varied from joy and wonderment to confusion and fear. It was awesome and exhausting. There are more pictures in my flickr stream (slideshow here).