DIY Zippered Fabric Pouches

Zippered pouches are an pretty easy and satisfying sewing project. (There are lots of tutorials out there on the interwebs if you need some help getting started.) You might recognize the fabric above from my adventures in fabric dyeing earlier this year. If not, you should check out my Ombre Clutch Tutorial. A little gold fabric paint turned the up the fabulous quotient.

The fabric for making a zippered pouch is pretty darn cheap but the cost of zippers at a fabric can add up. So, a little tip from me to you: Thrift stores are a great source for zippers. They usually cost from 10 to 25 cents and often have lots of colors. I've stocked up over the years and now have a pretty decent stash of zippers. If you see an invisible zipper, snap it up. Those ones can cost even more.