Craft from the Past – Quilting Class Blocks

I took a quilting class about 7 years ago at a small quilt shop in Springfield, Oregon. I'd been wanting to try quilting but didn't know how to begin so I thought that a class would be the best way to go. The class was really great at teaching the beginning basics – measuring, cutting, piecing and pressing – by making a series of classic quilt squares. Although, I haven't done much quilting since the class, it was a really valuable experience and well worth the time and expense.

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The blocks are either 12 inches or 6 inches square and there are enough to make a pretty big quilt. A variety of fabrics from the same color palette are used throughout so the blocks will all match. I don't know if I want fabric in between the blocks too and borders. It would probably look nice to have a border though.

Some of my favorite blocks to make were the appliqued hearts and the paper piece heart (in the middle of the second column).