In My Library - Quilting Books

Over the years I've collected a few quilting books for my library. I find books so inspirational to look through as well as being where I most often brush up on techniques and how-tos. My collection of quilt books is much smaller than my sewing or knitting books. I see it as the beginning of a collection. Do you have favorite quilting books? Anything that you'd like to own?

1. Patchwork Style by Suzuko Koseki  See my review here. I'd love to check out her other book Natural Patchwork.

2. Quilts by Denyse Schmidt I have loved Denyse Schmidt's design style for years. The first time I saw her quilts I was immediately mesmerized. If pinterest was around then, I definitely would have pinned like crazy. This book does not disappoint. It has a variety of projects from simple coasters (see mine here) to full size quilts.

3. Quilts, Quilts and More Quilts! by Diana McClun and Laura Nownes This is the "text" book from the beginning quilting class I took. I used the book a lot while taking the class and it does a great job of showing how to make classic quilt block designs and basic techniques.

4. The Quilters Ultimate Visual Guide by Ellen Pahl This book is a helpful reference guide. It's organized alphabetically which is a fun device yet I felt like it would be a little more helpful if the techniques were in order of use and how they related to each other.

5. Scrap Quilts Fast and Fun by Patricia Wilens This book has basic instructions for some classic quilts and basic techniques with helpful photos.

6. Ghost Layers & Color Washes by Katie Pasquini Masopust This book shows the author's technique of   layering fabrics to create interesting art style quilts.

7. 5,500 Quilt Block Designs by Maggie Malone This book is full of basic quilt block drawings. It doesn't show how they look put together in a quilt but is pretty comprehensive.

8. Quilts from Happy Hands by Sandra L. Wright I found this book in a thrift store. The first part of the book has color photos of finished quilts and the rest of the book has detailed illustrations for how to make the designs. There's definitely a strong 80s vibe to this book but choosing more current fabrics would easily update the designs.