Moodboard – Triangles

These days I find triangles so inspirational and inherently cool that I have a pinterest board entirely devoted to the simple three sided shape. You might remember the triangles I've done with fabric paint. See the ombre clutch and camera strap. When quilting, the next logical step from squares and rectangles has got to be triangles. Don't you think? I have a little quilting craft I'm going to show you later this week featuring triangles that I really love. I'm definitely seeing more triangles in my future.

1. Free Envelope Printable Download from Zu Galerie blog
2. Triangle Puzzle Pendant from Soft Gold Studio on etsy
3. Geometric Cushion Cover from Si. Sauvage on etsy
4. Little Remix Knitted Blanket from Darling Clementine
5. Shape On It Dress from ModCloth (You should also check out their The Evening Unfolds Dress with a triangle cut-out. Gorgeous!)
6. Pink Suede Coin Purse from Blackbird and the Owl on etsy