Vintage Sewing Patterns - Coats Part 2

You probably know by now that I love vintage sewing patterns. Here are a couple more of my favorite coat sewing patterns. Check out Part 1 of the post here. First up is Vogue 8222, circa 1954. Here's the description from the pattern: "Box coat in two lengths. Collarless built-up neck-line. Wide sleeves are kimono in front, raglan in back, and may be turned back to form deep cuffs. Patch pockets or slot pockets in side seams." Kimono in front and raglan in back? How cool is that? And the patch pockets on the short coat are adorable. They're probably not efficient for holding say your keys or cell phone but they look ideal for keeping hands warm. And how cute is the elfin hat on view A? Adorable.

Next is Butterick 7044 a "Man-Tailored Box Jacket" with patch pockets. I can't find a date printed on the envelope or instructions but appears to be from the 1950s. Description from pattern: "Perfect mate for slacks, skirts. The boxy, single-breasted jacket is styled like a man-tailored jacket. Convertible collar, patch pockets for both views. (A) Button-cuffed sleeves, yoked. (B) Straight sleeves, no yoke."

Which coat is your favorite? Which one do you think you'd wear all the time? My pick is Vogue 8222, view A.