New Year's Resolution - Mending

As I hinted on Friday, part of my New Year's resolutions was to complete all of my mending. Mending has a tendency to pile up doesn't it? So far I've stitched down a pocket on a pair of jeans, stitched a shoulder seam on a sweater, patched some socks and repaired a nasty rip in this dress. I don't even know how it happened. I pulled the dress out of the closet one day and there was this big rip at the seam. So sad.

Repairing a rip is pretty easy. Now, obviously if a rip is as bad as the one above, you really won't be able to repair it back to it's original state. But I hate to just throw something out and I do love this dress. So, a repair job was in order. First, I stabilized the fabric by adhering interfacing to the reverse side. Then I used matching thread and a tight zig zag stitch to cover the torn threads.


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