Moodboard – Essential Summer Accessories

Year after year, I have a few go-to summer accessories.  I never tire of these classics. They're the items that I wear every day, all summer long until they're totally worn out. Which means every year, I get to buy a fresh new set. I have two goals with my summer accessories. First I want them to be neutrals that match well with everything else in my wardrobe. Second, I want to have sun protection, loads of sun protection. I always go for the biggest sunglasses and carry a bottle of sunscreen with me everywhere. And why the scarf for summer? If I forget my hat I can use a scarf to protect my head and if I need an extra bag I can tie the corners of a square scarf to create a makeshift tote. What do you look for in your essential summer accessories?

Clockwise from top left:
Striped Tote  //  Hexagonal Sunglasses  //  Sunhat  //  Arrow Necklace  //  Red Nail Polish  //
Patterned Scarf  //  Bangle Bracelets  //  Sandals  //  Sunscreen

Follow along with me here: