Pinterest Picks of the Week – Feeling Green and Red

All week I've been on a green theme so for today's Pinterest picks, I want to talk about pairing green with red. When you first hear green and red in the same sentence, you probably think of Christmas – and rightly so. Green and red scream holiday time just as orange and black say Halloween. But paired carefully, green and red can be a dynamic summer combination. Yesterday I paired my new emerald blouse with red lipstick and it was quite a hit. I think the key to not looking like a holiday card (besides nixing the santa hat and the snowflake sweater) is to use red as an accent. The top left photo is a perfect example. The red belt combined with the sequined dress breaks up the mass of green, making both pieces better just by being together. You can mix a bright red with almost any shade of green from emerald to army, just look at those cherry tomatoes with the dark green stems. I actually just ordered an army green parka on sale from Zara (similar to this one) and I can't wait to wear it with a touch of bright red. It's rather irresistible.

Clockwise from top left:
Vintage DVF from Tales of Endearment  //  Grilled Cherry Tomatoes from White on Rice Couple // Photo by Marion Luttenberger  //  Vintage DVF from Tales of Endearment

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