Moodboard – Edgy Glam

These days, I've been drawn to rather more glamorous accessories than usual. I'm just loving anything gold, shiny and hot pink. But I can't just go totally glam. I have to add a fair does of black and some leather to make it a touch edgy on top of the shiny glam. Here are some of my picks for making your own edgy glam look.

Top row, from left: 
Leggings  //  Boots  //  Collar Necklace  //  Blade Earrings  //  Cage Ring  //  Nail Polish  //  Lace Up Leggings
Bottom row, from left:t
Moto Jacket  // Peplum Top  //  Jacket  //  Gold Stud Earrings  //  Dress

Follow along with me here: