Moodboard – Pajamas

What one wears to bed is kind of a personal thing. Unless you're living in a dorm, only your nearest and dearest know what you wear for slumber time. For me, my night time wear changes with the season – more in winter, less in summer. These days, the nights have been colder and I'm sleeping in long sleeves and pants under a big pile of blankets. But when summer rolls around, it will be a tank top and sleep shorts for me. Before I tuck in for the night I put on big thick socks (my feet get cold easily) and slather myself in super-hydrating cream (the Burt's Bees shown above is the thickest I've ever tried - I love it!). What do you like to wear to bed and how do you get ready to go to sleep?

Shown above Top row: Tank  //  Night Sweater  //  Slippers  //  Sleep Mask  //  Dot Shorts
Bottom row: Pajama Pants  //  Socks  //  Shorts  //  Night Cream  //  Robe


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