Pinterest Picks – Let's Go!

Happy Friday lovelies! Are you excited for your weekend? Last a night a girl told me that she's decided 2014 is her year of adventures. Isn't that a wonderful plan? I want every year to be an adventure. Right now, I'm headed off on a lengthy jaunt to the Oregon coast. I haven't taken a vacation this long in ages and I'm so looking forward to relaxing. Of course, I'm also bringing my laptop and will be doing plenty of work but in a good way. I'm planning to take frequent walks by the ocean and knit until my fingers get tired. You can follow me on Instagram to stay up to date on my adventures!

Today's photos are not really travel focused but rather home/wardrobe improvement focused. I recently started a DIY Home Decor pinboard to help inspire my home redecorating efforts. I'm slowly but surely woking on redecorating my apartment, framing artwork and rearranging furniture. Isn't springtime the best time to revamp your home or wardrobe? All the new growth, flowers blooming, the smell of fresh cut grass in the air. (I have a pinboard for Spring too!)

Clockwise from top left:  DIY Tote  //  Crochet Heart Pillow  //  Painted Pillows  //  Arctic Wrap

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