Drape Drape No. 3 Dress

I've been wanting to make this Drape Drape dress ever since I first bought the book Drape Drape by Hisako Sato. I traced the pattern ages (probably years) ago and on a whim, decided to finally make it. I love the result. The dress is so unique, comfortable and fun to wear. 

The dress is made from one piece of fabric. Can you believe that? It goes together almost like magic. Check out Dixie DIY's version of this dress to see a picture of the pattern. Seeing hers totally inspired me to actually make one of my own. Anywho, I chose to use a thick knit fabric; the same fabric I used for my Spring Wardrobe pleated pants. The fabric has stretch which I think is probably a necessity for this dress. I'm not sure what the book recommends as my copy is in Japanese. 

I made a few changes to the dress for a better fit. (I'm 5'11" with a long waist so these are pretty standard adjustments for me.) I lengthened the waist by slicing and separating about an inch and a half. I also lengthened the skirt a couple of inches too. Because the fabric is stretchy, I was able to omit the back zipper. The dress easily slips on over the head. I cut a size large and the dress is fitted in the shoulders and bust but a little loose in the hips. I do have narrow shoulders and usually cut my shoulders a size smaller than the bodice, so I'd be careful if yours are regular to wide. 

This dress is perfect for a night out on the town. If it was a little more fitted on the hips (for me anyway) it would be even a little sexier. I love it all the same. I wore it out the other night with a patterened jacket on top and pointed, patent flats. I have all 3 Drape Drape books in Japanese and just love them. I highly recommend checking out Drape Drape 2 and Drape Drape 3 as well. Do you have any of the books? Have you made this dress yet?

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Drape Drape 3 – No. 4 Tuck Drape Pants

Have you noticed that I'm kind of obsessed with pants right now? Pleated pants, printed pants. I just can't get enough! So I made myself another pair of pleated pants, this time from the book Drape Drape 3 by Hisako Sato. I bought the Japanese version in Little Tokyo about a year ago but it is available in English now. The pants look kind of weird on the hanger but really take shape once on. The pants are draped at the hips and taper to the ankle.

The drape drape patterns can be a little daunting because they have so many edges and especially since the books I have are in Japanese. Yeah, and I don't read Japanese. So I relied on the excellent diagrams provided and the sewing went really well. I was able to finish in just a few sessions. The hardest part is the pleats and it's really just a lot of folding. I made the large size and it fits comfortably at the waist. The calves are rather tight but I like it.

I really love how these pants came out and can't wait to wear them. They would be great pants for casual weekend shopping or museum going as shown above. I would dare to say you also need a fair bit of attitude to wear these pants too. They're not your usual pants (hello! side draping) and are a tad body conscious. But I say embrace it! 

Above outfit:
Chambray Button Down similar to this, this and this
UO Striped T-shirt similar to this, this and this
Sexy heels similar to this, this and this

I could see these pants fitting in so easily at an art opening or a rock show. With heels your legs will look especially long and lean.

Above outfit:
Zara Jersey Blazer similar to this and this
Colorful Necklace – Mine is a DIY. Similar to this and this.

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Spring Wardrobe - No. 3 Drape Drape Top

Here's another piece of my Spring Wardrobe finished and ready for wearing. This top is made using a pattern no. 4 from the book Drape Drape 2 by Hisako Sato. It's available in English on Amazon but I'm working from one in Japanese. I just couldn't wait for the English version and had to buy it as soon as I saw it in the Japanese bookstore in Little Tokyo.

This top looks rather funky just hanging but once it's on, it really takes shape. The hem straightens out and the left side has beautiful draping at the waist. Above is a picture of the schematic and instructions in the book. The top is just one big piece that folds on the side with a strip for the neckline.

I used my serger for all of the seams and the walking foot on my regular machine for topstitching the hems. It was a really easy shirt to make and I love how it came out. The neck binding is a little gapey and if I feel inclined I'll fix it. But for now, it's ok.

And here it is on. It's hard to see the details because the fabric is so dark but you get the idea. Here I paired it with dark skinny jeans and a braided fabric bracelet (see my DIY tutorial for the bracelet here).

You might have noticed that I've skipped No. 2 and gone right to No. 3 but don't worry I will complete them all! :) Keep checking back in over the next few weeks. I've set myself a deadline of March 31 to finish. Fingers crossed!

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