Moodboard – Fantasy Getaway

Last week was my first sort of real Spring Break in 10 years. It was lovely and I'm already fantasizing about doing it again in a warmer, more tropical location. Today, I've pulled together the items that I'd like to take on my fantasy vacation, all from When traveling to a beach or poolside destination you don't need to bring a lot of clothes. Mostly, I want to be comfortable and not too hot. For me that means shorts and dresses. There's nothing easier to pull on than a simple dress or a pair of slouchy shorts. I went with a color palette of light blue and grey with a pop of orange so that everything can mix and match seamlessly. (I really love this color palette by the way. Light blue and coral or two of my all time favorite colors and so nice for summer.)

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Top Row from left:  Chambray Shorts  //  Dress  //  Bikini  //  Toiletry Bag  //  Sandals  //  Weekend Bag
Bottom Row from left:  Striped Tank  //  Hat  //  Sunglasses  //  Headphones  //  Patterned Dress  //  Shorts
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Moodboard – Pastel Perfection

Spring has officially begun and with that one's mind automatically starts dreaming of soft pastel colors, lavender, pink, baby blue, butter yellow. They all seem quite divine right now. Here are a few of my favorite finds for a sophisticated pastel look.

Top row from left:  Blouse  //  Wallet  //  Sunglasses  //  Wrap Skirt  //  Earrings  //  Camera  //  Skirt
Bottom row from left:  Dress //  Cardi //  Flats  // Pencil Skirt  // Nail Polish  //  Jeans


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