Spring Wardrobe Recap

Here's a little recap of the seven pieces I made for my Spring Wardrobe. From beginning to end, it was really so much fun to make this wardrobe. The whole process has reignited my love for sewing and I'm already working on more things. 

Did you notice that four of my seven pieces have pleats in them? Someone (me) must have quite a thing for pleats. I do love everything I made and how well it's working with my current wardrobe. All the planning really paid off. I hope that you've enjoyed my Spring Wardrobe journey as much as I have. :) 

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Spring Wardrobe No. 5 - Pleated Pants
Spring Wardrobe No. 6 - Pleated Mid-Calf Skirt

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Spring Wardrobe - No. 6 Long Pleated Skirt

Here is the final piece of my Spring Wardrobe. You might remember this striped skirt from my inspiration moodboard. I loved the length and color of that striped skirt. It's kind of cool when you can identify the direct inspiration for something, isn't it? The length seems just perfect for Spring, not too short so you'll stay warm but still floaty and fun. It can be worn with boots or strappy sandals, depending on the weather – perfect for fickle Spring temperatures.

This skirt was actually the first one I started from the Spring Wardrobe but somehow it took longer to make than anything else. I drafted the pattern myself using my pleated skirt tutorial. I made a rookie mistake early on, confusing the sides edges with the top and bottom. So, I had to do some seam ripping but after that it went pretty smoothly. I used an invisible zipper and included a lining. At first, I had the length of the skirt going to just a few inches above my ankle. But after wearing it I decided that it should be shortened to just a few inches below the knee. 

Here I'm wearing the skirt with my Spring Wardrobe No. 2 tank top. The skirt would also work with my No. 1 tank and the No. 3 drape drape top. It's such a great basic. I'm really happy with how it turned out. I know you're probably thinking the outfit looks kind of Western. Maybe it was those 2 or 3 years I spent horseback riding on weekends as a kid, but I just seem to always find myself dressed kind of country.

Above outfit:
Spring Wardrobe No. 2b - Blue Tank
Tortoise Cuff Bracelet (Similar to this and this)
Tooled Leather Belt (Mine is from J.Crew over 10 years ago and I still love it. Similar to this, this and this.)
Knee High Wedge Boots (Mine are from Payless Shoes but I can't find them on their site now. Similar to these and these.)

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Spring Wardrobe – No. 2 (Part B) Blue Tank

As I mentioned yesterday, I was intending to use this blue silk like fabric to make a Slouch Top from the book DIY Couture by Rosie Martin but I was about 1/3 yard too short. I still wanted that pop of blue as part of my Spring Wardrobe so I used the fabric to make a basic tank using Simplicity 2593. After this, I just have one more piece to share. Can you believe it? The official start date of Spring has passed but March is not done yet and I'm confident that I'll be all done by the time April rolls around. I'm already incorporating my new pieces into my everyday wardrobe and it's been so much fun!

For this tank I used a few different sewing machine feet: the standard one, 1/4 inch quilting foot and the blind hem foot. I used the 1/4 inch quilting foot to attach the bias binding to the neck and armholes. The guide on the right side really helps keep the seam at 1/4 inch or less. The fabric was really easy to work with and very similar to the fabric I used for this tank.

Above is the back of the tank. Simplicity 2593, View B is a very simple pattern. I used the pattern once before but that time I made View A with the twisted, draped collar. It's a pretty good pattern but I actually think that Simplicity 2599 which I used for my Spring Wardrobe Tank No. 1 is a better fit. The armholes on 2593 are very high which makes it more modest but a little awkward.

Instead of doing the gathers that the pattern calls for, I just made one big pleat in the center. After stitching, I added two little cross stitches over the pleat to hold the pleat together and create a subtle detail on an otherwise very plain top. I also gave the hem a slight curve in the front and back rather than the straight across that the pattern called for.

This tank pairs well with pretty much anything. It's a very basic style that can be dressed up or down. Here I'm wearing it with the same jeans and shoes as yesterday's slouch top and my DIY braided fabric bracelet (tutorial here).

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