DIY 60s Panel Print Dress

Last weekend I had a 60s theme party to attend and after attempting to make something new, and realizing I didn't have enough time to get it just right, I dug this gorgeous number out of my closet. Although I like dressing up I don't particularly like dressing in costume (sorry Halloween!). But dressing in vintage? Yes please!

I made this dress about seven years ago and sadly have not worn it very much. The fabric is an amazing, super bright vintage border print that I found at a thrift store. I don't remember what pattern I used for the dress, just a basic sheath. Before the party, I let out the back darts and shortened the dress a few inches to get the shape just right.

Yesterday on Instagram, I shared a pic of a vintage sewing pattern very similar to this dress. This was one of my first vintage patterns and I'm not sure how it came into my eager little paws but given the size, I think it probably belonged to my grandmother. I remember this pattern making an impact on me, inspiring a love of vintage and sewing. 

To complete my costume, I added a white vintage purse and yellow bracelet. This dress was so much fun to wear. It will definitely be on my list of easy costumes.