How to prepare for the virtual fabric party

How to prepare for the I Love My Fabric Virtual Party

Hi sew-friends! The I Love My Fabric Virtual Party is less than a week away so it’s time to get ourselves ready to partay! Today I’m sharing four simple steps to make sure you’re ready for a successful and fun fabric party.

1) Put it on your calendar.

Block off time in your calendar to devote to the party. It will help you not forget and if you’re anything like me, it’s great to have something fun to look forward to.

2) Set an intention

It’s good to have goals, right? So before, we jump in and start to party, let’s take a minute to decide what our goals are intentions are. This will be different for everyone and it’s pretty open. Your intention could be as simple as following along with the hashtag (#ilovemyfabricparty) and checking in from time to time over the weekend. Maybe you’d like to just tidy up your sewing room and commune with your fabric. Maybe you want to go through your fabric and select some pieces to donate or sell. Or, you might want to organize AND create a digital catalog of all your fabric. Do whatever is going to make you happy and be fun for you.

My intention is to reorganize my fabric (and maybe the scraps?) and catalog each piece of yardage using Trello. Yup. I’m really going for it. I also have a rather bulky and unattractive filing cabinet that I’m working on emptying out so that I can find it a new home. The cabinet is half full of files and half full of my knit fabrics and I’m just ready to let it go. I’ve been working on digitizing the files for a few weeks and will work on the fabric during the party.

3) Gather supplies

Make sure you have plenty of food and drinks to keep you going throughout the weekend. Maybe even have something to celebrate with at the end. Load up on music, podcasts or tv shows that you’ve been meaning to listen to or watch. I’m planning to get some of my favorite snacks, prepare some meals that I can just heat up (so I don’t need to spend time cooking over the weekend) and have something bubbly to celebrate with when I’m done.

Stock up on fabric organizing supplies such as comic book boards or tubes. Maybe you need a couple bins or a bookshelf. If you haven’t read it yet, I have a post packed with ideas for how to organize your fabric. I’m a big proponent of using what you already have. So, I’ve grabbed a bookcase from my parents garage and some empty bins from my closet. A lot of the time, we can use stuff that we already have instead of spending more money. The boards that I use to wrap my fabric around are all upcycled cardboard boxes. They’re probably not acid-free but they were definitely money-free.

4) Join the party!

The weekend of August 10-11, 2019 is party time! There are no set times for the party. Simply join whenever you want and however long you want during the weekend. I’m on US Pacific time, so when I wake up on Saturday morning, most people will already started their day a long time ago. But don’t let that stop you from getting the party started in your time zone! I’m planning to start posting around 8am (ok maybe 9am ;) on Saturday and check in about once an hour on Instagram to keep you updated on my progress. I’d love to see your party too so make sure to use the hashtag #ilovemyfabricparty and tag me in your posts. If you’re a little stumped on what to post, here are a few ideas. You can share before and afters, your party setup, your favorite fabrics, how you organize and catalog, or a personal story. I’ll be sharing story templates that you can screenshot and use in your stories to share more about yourself and your fabric. Let me know if you have questions! I hope to see you there. :)

Ideas for organizing your fabric

Ideas for organizing your fabric

One of my biggest sewing room struggles over the years, has been finding ways to store my fabric. I’ve had periods of success and many periods (like right now) where I feel like my fabric is taking over the sewing room. Because I’ve had success in the past, I know that I have all the knowledge and tools that I need. The only thing lacking was motivation. Which is why I’m hosting the I Love My Fabric Virtual Party (happening August 10-11, 2019). In today’s post, I’m sharing a bunch of ideas and links that will help you organize your fabric and get your sewing room in tip top shape. There are two main kinds of organizing and you can do either or both. The first is to physically organize the stash, meaning the folding, stacking, storing, etc. The second is to create a catalog of your fabric that you can reference instead of diving into the physical fabric. Read on for my best fabric storage and organization ideas for your sewing room.

(Side note, the party is very open ended and you are not required to do any sorting. And if your stash is already organized, feel free to join in spirit and share photos of your system or even just a few of your favorite fabrics.)

You're Invited to a Fabric Party!

You're Invited to a Fabric Party!

Hello sew-friends! Today I have a super fun announcement. I’m going to be hosting a virtual party. Last week, I posted on Instagram about my disorganized fabric stash and asked people to share about their fabric collections. I got SO MANY responses and tons of great tips. I realized that a lot of people are like me and have fabric bursting out of every cupboard.

And even with all the amazing organization ideas out there, I felt like I just didn’t want to do my fabric organizing alone. It’s kind of boring and feels like a chore. But then someone suggested that I invite a friend over to help and an idea sprung to mind. What if I invite EVERYONE over to help give moral support? If we all organize our fabric together, we can support each other and make it fun. Of course, everyone can’t literally come over but we can do it virtually on Instagram. We can have a VIRTUAL PARTY!

Wondering what a virtual party is? Keep reading.