Free Pattern – DIY Whale Softie

I first started making these super cute whale softies last summer and now I've digitized the pattern to share with you. My family often visits the Oregon coast and we are always on the lookout for whales. They are beautiful, special creatures, the epitome of the gentle giant and so delightful to see swimming through the ocean. Click here to download the pdf pattern.



Denim fabric for body (about 1/3 yard)

Contrast fabric for bottom and eyes (one print and one dark blue)

Double Stick Fusible Adhesive

1 inch white grosgrain ribbon




NOTE: Use a 1/4 inch seam allowance for all seams.

Step 1:

Download and print out pattern (4 pages), trim along border and tape pieces together. Cut out pattern pieces along dotted line. I found it easiest to put the pattern on top of the fabric, draw around the edges with chalk then cut out the pieces. Stick double sided fusible adhesive to backs of eyes and eye centers. Fuse eye centers to eyes and then eyes to whale body.

Step 2: 

Pin 2 fins right sides together and stitch leaving an opening for turning. Clip seam allowance and turn right side out. Close opening by hand using a slip stitch. Slipstitch end of fin to body. If desired, make a decorative stitch with embroidery thread, making two large stitches. Repeat for other side. You can also wait and stitch fins to body after Step 4 (as seen in the photos).

Step 3: 

Cut a 6 inch piece of ribbon. Fold in half and pin raw edges to top of whale head. Baste in place. Pin body pieces right sides together and stitch between circles.

Step 4: 

Pin bottom to opening in body with wider end toward front and matching circles. Stitch stopping at each circle to move the seam allowance out of the way and easing where necessary. Leave an opening on one side for turning.

Step 5:

Trim and clip seam allowance along curves. Turn right side out through opening. Smooth out seams by gently pushing with a large knitting needle or chopstick. Push stuffing into small areas first a little bit at a time until adequately stuffed, using the knitting needle to push the stuffing. Slip stitch opening closed by hand. Slipstitch opening closed by hand.

I hope that you enjoy this pattern! These are a great way to use the denim from cut offs. It's worn in, extra soft and perfect for cuddling.