Green Tie-Back Cascade Skirt

Every time I use a new (to me) pattern by Megan Nielsen I fall a little more in love with her designs. The Cascade Skirt was no exception. It is a basic wrap skirt except with the most beautiful draping you've ever stitched. The pattern is classified as a beginner pattern and it really is pretty easy. The most challenging part is the really, really, really long hem.

I love this design and the drape of the skirt but just loathe this fabric. It's a stretch crepe that was a total pain in the a** to cut out. I cut out a top and this skirt at the same time. I stitched up the top (seen here) and realized that the dye in the fabric was bleeding. I had pre-washed the fabric but apparently didn't realized the dye was still bleeding. I washed the top 4 times, the last time with hot water and vinegar and I think I've finally conquered the dye. I'll need to do the same to this skirt which created more hatred for this fabric while sewing the skirt. 

The fabric is such a lovely color and has lovely drape but SOOOOO many other issues. For one, the leaching dye. Secondly, it did not cooperate when cutting and my pieces ended up all wonky. I had to cut off part of one of the fronts to get them to match. So, my front pieces might be a little shorter than the pattern. Sigh. The third bad thing about this fabric is that it doesn't iron well. Grrr. 

The pattern has three options for the waistband. I went with option 2, which ties in the back. I wanted to have ties but thought ties in the front would just get in the way. Overall, this is a really great pattern and I'm sure I'll be making it again in less heinous fabric. :)

I purchased the Breakwater Collection of patterns a few months ago and this is the last one for me to try out. (Check out my other makes from the collection: Tania Culottes, Eucalypt Dress and Crescent Blouse.) Next up is going to be the Darling Ranges dress! The pdf is printed and waiting for me to cut and tape together. Then I just have to choose a fabric to use.