DIY Red Ikat Knit Skirt

I've been on a serious sewing streak lately and making super simple things, like this skirt, means that I have a finished piece in just a few hours. This simple, lightweight skirt is really easy to wear and I'm sure will become a frequent fixture in my wardrobe. 

I based the pattern on the skirt pattern from the book Sew U Home Stretch by Wendy Mullin (see my review here). It's a great book and I've used this pattern a few times before. I love how fast it is to make up this pattern and the result is really chic and easy to wear. This fabric is very lightweight so I added some extra flair to the hem and sides so that it wouldn't be too tight. 

I actually stitched this so quickly that there are some flubs on the waistband and hem. Sooner or later, I should probably go back and fix them. I was part way through topstitching the hem when I realized that I hadn't put on my walking foot. The hem would also look a lot better if I used a twin needle. 

I bought this fabric at the the Michael Levine Loft fabric store in downtown LA. It's one of my favorite places to shop for fabric and I always end up buying more than I need. The fabric is sold by the pound and just thrown into big bins. You have to do a bit of scrounging around to find something interesting and I usually find more than I need. The only drawback is if you're looking for something very specific, it can be hard to find. The closest thing I can find online is this fabric on etsy.

I shared a preview of this skirt on Instagram last week as part of my Me Made May outfits. Follow me there to see previews of my upcoming DIYs.