Black Knit Senna Dress

A couple weeks ago, I had the opportunity to test the recently released Senna Dress pattern by Lindsey Woodward. The pattern has three options, a t-shirt, a skirt and, when put together, a dress. The skirt is gathered with elastic on the side seams to create a draped look. 

Much like the drape drape patterns, this dress does not show itself well on the hanger. 

But once you put it on, this dress really comes to life. The skirt is very fitted but is balanced nicely by the loose blouson style of the top. I used a fairly light weight knit fabric, similar to most t-shirts. If I sew the skirt again, I'll definitely go with a fabric that's just a little heavier. 

This dress was really easy to put together. In fact it's deceptively easy. There are only four pieces for the dress. The sleeves are built into the bodice and the draping is created by elastic. If you're looking for a sexy little number to add to your wardrobe, go check out this versatile, fun pattern.