DIY Tutorial – How to Sew Lingerie Straps

Today I have a super easy tutorial that you can use on your handmade and RTW dresses or tops. So what is a lingerie strap? It's a little strap on the inside shoulder that will hold your bra strap to your top. It will keep both your bra strap and your top or dress on your shoulder, preventing your undergarments from being exposed. So if you have a garment that tends to drift, this quick and easy upgrade is for you. Plus, this is a perfect project for when you only have 15 minutes to spare.

How to Sew Lingerie Straps


2 snaps

Ribbon or narrow bias tape




Step 1: Cut a piece of ribbon that is slightly less wide than the shoulder of the top or dress when folded in half. If necessary, cut ribbon on the diagonal to prevent any unraveling. Fold ribbon in half with raw edges together and pin to inside of shoulder at seam. Invisibly stitch raw edges of loop to top.

Step 2: Sew one side of snap to ribbon and the other to the shoulder. To use the lingerie straps, put on your top, slip the ribbon loop under your bra strap then snap in place. 

And that's all! These little straps will hold your bra and garment together and no one will be the wiser. It's such a nice feature that makes any dress feel a little more luxurious. I hope you find this mini tutorial useful. Have you added a lingerie strap to your handmade garments before?