DIY Two-Tone White Sweatshirt

Hey friends! It's totally sweater-weather right now. And seeing as it takes sooo long to knit one, why not sew one with a sweater knit fabric? I know! Genius right? Last month I made a wrap sweater coat and I had a bunch of fabric left over. So, I rather impulsively cut out a sweatshirt. It's very lightweight and in all honesty probably more suited to spring or cool summer nights. But isn't it oh so pretty in it's cool, snowy whiteness?

The pattern is one that I traced from a RTW sweater last year. I made this zippered sweatshirt from the pattern. I like the sweatshirt but the neckline is a little too wide (I really can't figure out why except perhaps for some stretching). So, of course the neckline is a little too wide on this sweatshirt and I probably shouldn't have been so impulsive with my cutting. I have now purchased the Linden Sweatshirt pattern by Grainline Studio to participate in the Linden Swap. My partner is Kelli from True Bias. I'm super excited and so flattered that she asked me.

Anywho, back to this sweatshirt. The body is made from a creamy white sweater knit that I bought from Michael Levine Loft in downtown LA. I new from the beginning that I wanted a contrast fabric for the cuffs and neck. I started out by cutting up a thrifted sweater dress. I stitched on the cuffs but then didn't like the contrast hem. And I also really wasn't sure what I'd do for the neckline. I tried stitching a contrast hem panel which looked cool. But the project stalled out.

And there was Christmas and New Years and it just sat in my sewing room. Eventually I decided to just buy some white rib knit for the cuffs and neckline. I found fabric from Girl Charlee and everything just fell into place. I decided that the contrast hem didn't work so I cut it off and did a regular turned and topstitched hem.

It was fun to make this sweater and I do hope that I get some use out of it. (I'm sorry to say that I have not worn my wrap coat yet!) To go under the sweater, I made a quick beige colored bias cut camisole. You can't even really see it here, nor can you see my bra! So yay! Cami does its job. I'll be sharing more about the camisole tomorrow. Happy sewing!