DIY Tutorial – Fabric Decoupage Jewelry Dishes

I'm always looking for a way to use fabric scraps and I'm totally in love with this latest DIY. These scraps are from a bin that my great-aunt gave to me that are from silk garments she made over the years. They are totally gorgeous and I'm so pleased that I found a way to use them.

Of course I do wish that I had some genius DIY that used loads of scraps and was easy and beautiful and useful. This one almost makes it. It does everything but it only uses a little bit of fabric. This is a great way to commemorate a special garment and create a precious keepsake. These would be great gifts for Valentine's Day or Mother's Day.

How to DIY Fabric Decoupage Jewelry Dishes


Clay or pre-made dish

Fabric scraps

Decoupage glue

Metallic paint


Step 1: Roll clay about 3/8 inches thick. Cut into a circle. Push up edges of circle to form a dish. Follow manufacturer's instructions to harden dish. I used this air dry clay and it worked really well. If you want more info, here's a great tutorial from Hello Natural. Alternately, use any existing dish.

Step 2: Trace the shape of your dish onto the back of the fabric and cut out. (You can also layer multiple pieces of fabric and trim away the excess after gluing.)

Step 3: Apply glue to bowl of dish and place fabric on top.

Step 4: Apply another layer of glue to the top of the fabric. Allow to dry and apply a second layer of glue to seal. Allow glue to dry.

Step 5: Paint edges of dish with metallic paint and allow to dry.

And that's it! I hope that you enjoy this tutorial. The hardest part is waiting for everything to dry. :) Do you have favorite ways to use up your fabric scraps?