DIY Linen Jumpsuit – Vogue V9075

I’ve always had a fondness for the Vogue line of patterns. I’m afraid to even guess how many of their dress patterns I have in my stash. But that  did not stop me from snatching up Vogue V9075. It’s from their Very Easy Vogue series (which I have always found to indeed be very easy) and features a princess seam sleeveless dress and culottes style jumpsuit with short sleeves. I’ve had the pattern for a few months and then a week before my birthday a whim took over (as they often do when it comes to sewing) and I decided that I needed to make myself a new birthday outfit. This pattern was the winner.

I set out to my local JoAnn’s and found this beautiful gray linen on sale. It’s a great fabric, very easy to work with but also very prone to wrinkling. The wrinkles are to be expected though. It is linen after all. The fabric is kind of a medium weight so that it’s not see through at all but still has a nice drape.

I made a lot of measurements of myself and the pattern and decided to cut the size 14 except at front bust area and side seams cut 16 and graded to 14 at the waist. My measurements are 38-28-39 so I’m running in that 14-16 zone. Because the pants are pleated, I knew that there would be enough ease there. For the sleeves, I cut the sleeve cap at 14 and underarm seams at 16. I then pinned all the tissue paper pattern pieces together and tried it on. It was way to short for my long body (I’m 5’11”) so I lengthened the bodice 1” and added 2” to both the crotch and hem.  

I started by cutting out the bodice lining and sewing it together to check the fit. It looked good so I went ahead and cut into the linen. It’s always nerve racking to not do a full muslin first and I really took my time with the measurements. Fortunately, it worked out and I couldn’t be happier with the fit. I’m seriously thinking about the dress version too because I love how the bodice fits. The dress is such a great basic design.

If you are making this and adding length to the bodice, I recommend also getting a longer zipper. Mine only extends a few inches past the waist seam and it’s a little snug to pull on. I did an invisible zipper because it just looks so much better and I find it’s just as easy to insert as a standard zipper.

After trying it on, I decided it was too heavy to go longer than mid-calf. So, I ended up trimming at least 3 inches from the hem. Jumpsuits are not the most practical thing but I really enjoyed wearing this on Thanksgiving this year. I did have one early moment of panic that the fitted waist wouldn’t allow for eating a ton but it actually worked out just fine. I think this look works best with a little bit of heel. Here I'm wearing it with my new favorite shoes, these suede wedges from Toms. 

Have you tried this pattern? Do you have a favorite jumpsuit pattern? If you're looking for more jumpsuit patterns, I have a round up right here. Happy sewing!