DIY Outfit – Shoulder-Tie Jumpsuit

I'm not one to shy away from a trendy silhouette. If we wore (and sewed) the same things year after year, it would just get boring, right? So, of course, I give the jumpsuit trend a big thumbs up. Today I'm sharing a casual jumpsuit as inspiration and showing how I would DIY it. 

How to DIY a Shoulder-Tie Jumpsuit

Step 1: Today's inspiration is the Summer Shoulder-Tie Jumpsuit from Madewell. It's a very casual silhouette, made in a super comfortable jersey knit. I love how the shoulder-ties add a little bit of interest to the basic tank style.

Step 2: The Burdastyle pattern Jumpsuit 03/2010 #119 is very similar to our inspiration outfit. The only change you'd need to make is to remove the cuffs at the pant hems and lengthen the legs. Then make shoulder ties and attach them. I have two tutorials that use different methods for adding a shoulder tie to a garment. The first is to alter the pattern for the strap. The second is a tutorial and free pattern to sew a removable tie that is tied on to the existing strap.

Step 3: For the fabric, I found a solid blue jersey knit from Girl Charlee. Jersey knit is comfortable and easy to wear allowing you to be at ease anywhere you go whether it's out for brunch or just curled up on the couch. 

Have you tried the jumpsuit trend yet? Or even tried to make one yourself?