Me Made May 2015 Recap

If you've been following me on Instagram then you know that I made the Me Made May pledge again this year. My pledge this year was to wear a different diy garment every day. I know that might sound kind of crazy but I knew I had over 30 handmade pieces. And it's supposed to be a challenge so why not make it hard? In the end, it was not too difficult and I had lots of "me-mades" leftover. I have been thinking a lot about the size of my wardrobe and plan on doing a full post that in the future. Meanwhile, here's a full run-down of what I wore in May with links!

May 1: Woven Hudson Pants (unblogged, similar here)

May 2: Striped Racerback Maxi

May 3: Striped Knit Lou Box Top

May 4: Red Print Lou Box Top (unblogged)

May 5: Beige/Black striped knit skirt

May 6: White Raglan Sweater and Beige Camisole

May 7: Tulip Print Lou Box Top

May 8: Woven Ikat Print Hudson Pants

May 9: Chambray Eucalypt dress

May 10: Shoulder Tie Tank (shoulder tie tutorial here)

May 11: Navy Top and Grey Knit Pencil Skirt

May 12: Teal Pencil Skirt

May 13: Red Gathered Top

May 14: Checkered Button Front Pleated Skirt (tutorial in link)

May 15: Ikat Print Tank Top

May 16: Teal Knit Dress

May 17: Kangaroo Pocket Linden Sweatshirt

May 18: Gold Stripe Knit Dress

May 19: Grey/Black Striped Knit Skirt

May 20: Striped Kimono Top

May 21: Red Striped Dress

May 22: Plaid Lou Box Top (unblogged)

May 23: Vintage Floral Top 

May 24: Grey Lou Box Top, animal print leggings

May 25: Striped knit circle skirt, knit tank and linden sweatshirt (unblogged)

May 26: Green blouse

May 27: Pink Tank, drape drape pants and painted scarf (tutorial in link)

May 28: Tania Culottes and Cap Sleeve Nettie Bodysuit

May 29: Denim Dress

May 30: Heart Print Dress

May 31: Striped Mandy Boat Top

See the 2014 recap here and check out bigger photos on Instagram.