Vintage Knitting Basket

Years ago my parents brought home this vintage folding basket for me. The design is rather ingenious, just a wood frame that is held together with a fabric box. When I first got the basket, I removed the fabric and made a new bag. Over the years I grew to dislike the fabric I had used and nearly gave it away. Instead I decided to replace the fabric again and my love affair with this little basket is renewed. 

The frames are hinged together at the sides and a panel of fabric along the bottom keeps it all together.

The basket holds a big project or a few small ones. When you pick up the handles, they squeeze together and you can carry your project anywhere you go. Set it down and it opens up to allow easy access. 

As I mentioned a few weeks ago, I've been thinking about how many things I have and trying to pare it down. I love making things and don't want to stop that so I figure if I do a little more knitting, my production will slow a little bit and hopefully keep my closets at a manageable level. Right now I have a sweater on the needles using yarn that I bought about 10 years ago. It will be so great to finally use it up and hopefully I will love the sweater too. Do you have any knitting projects in the works this summer?