Fall Sewing Plans 2015

Earlier this year I did a big closet purge. Big in such a way that I have extra room in my dressers and way too many hangers. I had been wanting to simplify for a while but after I read the Art of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo, I was really able to do the job thoroughly. The main principle of the book is that you should not keep anything that does not bring you joy. And you should not feel any guilt about it. Phew. As a maker, it’s interesting to have this new method of evaluating things. Now, when I make something, I immediately think, “Does this bring me joy? Do I want to keep it?”. I’ve actually had a couple of things I’ve made recently that I are fine and I can wear but that I don’t love. So do I get rid of it as soon as I made it? Things are tough. But I digress, let’s get back to NEWNESS.

Now that I’ve gotten rid of about half of my closet I need to figure out how this wardrobe fits into my life. For me, the toughest days to find an outfit are the work days. I’m tired and in a rush and good grief I need to look presentable. So the struggle ensues. I look at my now dwindled dress side of the closet and there is nothing that I want to wear. And these are the pieces that bring me joy!

So, first off, new work dresses are in order. As a freelance designer and art director, I work in pretty casual environments so I tend to go for comfortable designs that have something interesting about them. I don’t want to be sitting all day in something tight or uncomfortable but I also don’t want to look like a slob. I’m planning to make a few Inari Tee Dresses starting with a casual chambray and working my way up to a fabulous splatter paint silk. (By the way, do you know of any other patterns similar to this one? I love the shape but don't want to make everything in the same design.)

Next up I need new blouses. I have three on my list. The classic Aster Blouse, a variation of the Lou Box Top and a vintage (yet very current) crop top, Vogue V9082. For the Aster, I'm planning to use this chevron crepe and for the crop top, this double gauze

I’m really loving the look of wide leg pants and culottes. I’ve kind of had my fill of the skinny look (not that I don't still wear them). I’m just ready to try something different. I’ll be adding a pair of Emily Culottes in dot chambray and a pair Vogue V8836 in blue chambray. I’ve always struggled more with making pants because of my height. But I just need to bite the bullet and make muslins and figure out how to fit my body. 

To top it off, I’m planning to make the jacket from Simplicity 1688 in a navy linen. I really love the the cropped shape and I think it will be easy to just throw on over the top of a lot of outfits.

This will surely keep me busy and well clothed for the next few months. I'm excited to try out some new patterns and add some wearable pieces to my wardrobe. What are you sewing this season? Have you used any of these patterns?

P.S. In case you missed it, check out my inspiration for these plans right here