DIY Navy Racerback Tank

When you find something that gets worn over and over and makes you feel like you’re totally cool but not even trying, then you need more of that thing. In shorter words, when you find something you like, you do it again. Et voila! Another solid colored racerback tank top.

More often than not, the pieces that I wear over and over are the kind of boring ones. Like this little workhorse. This top is based off of an RTW tank that I traced a few months ago. I first made a grey tank and then an almost neon green dress version. I wasn’t completely satisfied with the fit on the dress so for this version, so I trimmed back the arm openings a bit. I’m pretty pleased with how it came out.

This top is fairly easy to make one of these tops. Just cut out the front and back, and stitch them together at the sides and shoulders. Then the trickier part is to attach the binding to the neckline and armholes. I like to cut a crosswise strip of fabric about 90% of the length of the opening. I then make a loop from the binding, fold it in half and baste it to the opening. The basting is an extra step but I really like to do it to test if the fit is right. If all is good, I serge it onto the top and then press and topstitch. I’m going to post some tips for topstitching knits so check back in a few days or follow on bloglovin to stay up to date with all the posts.

Once again, the fabric is something I picked up from a bargain bin in downtown LA. I’m so spoiled living here and having access to so much affordable fabric. Solid knits are great fabrics to pick up and add to the stash. I know I’ll always find a use for them and that whatever I make is going to be worn frequently. I have lots of knit fabric leftovers that I’m planning to make into undies. More on that later!

Here I’m wearing this top with a pattern of my own design, the Baseball Skirt. This skirt is probably my easiest pattern to put together. (For reals, it’s easier than the Lou Box Top!) It’s a great casual piece that can be worn with sandals or sneakers to take you wherever you need to go all weekend long. I really love it made up in a soft and casual chambray and worn with a simple t-shirt and cardi. It’s easy to customize by changing the length, straightening the hem or playing with a fancy silk fabric. Go get yourself a copy of the pdf pattern and get started on your Spring/Summer wardrobe.