DIY Curved Hem Shorts

I live in shorts during the summer. And even though my shorts drawer is overflowing, I’m always on the lookout for a new pattern. After the success of my Alexandria Trousers, I had to try out the shorts version. The shorts have a really unique curved hem (I think it’s called a dolphin hem, or am I crazy?). And just like the pants, a super comfy drawstring waist, front pleats and pockets.

I used chambray fabric leftover from my Brumby Skirt. Being able to make another whole garment from leftover fabric is kinda the best. And when it’s a neutral solid like this chambray, I don’t feel like it’s a little cousin to something else already in my closet. This chambray is very easy to work with and nice and lightweight so it drapes well and is not too hot.

The pattern is the Alexandria Shorts/Trousers by Named Patterns. Their patterns are drafted for a 5'8" woman so I did not add any length. I made a straight size 8, just like I did for the trousers, and I’m very happy with fit. Definitely check out my post about the trousers for more details on that. I really like this pattern and recommend it if you’re looking for casual, loose fitting shorts or pants.

The pattern for the shorts includes hem facings that I cut out but ended up not using. If I had read the instructions more carefully before cutting, I would have seen that the facings are just for heavy or knit fabrics. To make the hem, I just did a simple double turn and stitch. To help turn around the curved edges, I basted 1/4 inch from the raw edge. As I ironed the hem to the wrong side, I gently pulled the basting stitches on the curved edges to help turn it.

I used the same basting technique to help turn the rounded corners of the back pockets. I didn't do a perfect job but I'm not going to sweat it. Btw, I have a photo of this pocket technique on instagram

I’ve already ripped the shorts just a pinch at the side seam/hem. As I was getting up from the couch, I put my hand down on the hem and boom it ripped. Just a smidgen. I don’t think there’s really a construction method that would have prevented it. I just need to be more careful when standing up. haha

The combo of the drawstring waist and curved hem reminds me of my Baseball Skirt pattern. Just like the skirt, the shorts are super comfortable and casual. The hem is a really dramatic curve that I’m not sure I would make again. I feel like it’s a little harder to style than the pants. Maybe because they look like track shorts? Here I'm wearing them with my polka dot Ella Top. Every time I wear the top it reminds me that I need to make more of them. Just more things to add to my never ending sewing list. What's on your sewing table these days? Have you tried out this pattern?