FREE Printable 2017 Sewing Calendar

UPDATE: Check out the new 2018 edition of the calendar!

With the new year quickly approaching, I’m thinking about goals for 2017 and of course what I’d like to sew. To aid in planning, I created a fun little printable sewing calendar that you can download and print for free! Click through to download and preview a few of the designs. 

Each month features space for you to list the projects you’d like to sew, to note when they are started and finished and the oh-so-satisfying check box for when you’re all done. I’ve also included an area to write down all the big events for the month. I often like to sew new things for events like trips and parties and it’s even better when I’m able to plan ahead.

You'll need a few supplies to make your calendar but they are all easily accessible and inexpensive. This calendar is easy-peasy to assemble and makes a great gift for your sewing besties. 

Free PDF Printable Calendar (click here to download)
12 pages letter or A4 size card stock
Cutting implement of choice:
Metal Ruler & Utility Knife or Paper Trimmer
Hole Punch (optional)

Open the PDF calendar and load your printer with card stock. Print out the calendar and cut it out using your preferred method. I prefer to use a metal straight edge and utility knife but you can use scissors or a paper trimmer if you prefer.

(Please note the calendar is for personal use only and not for profit or resale.)

Free DIY Printable 2017 Sewing Calendar | Sew DIY

Hang your calendar on a bulletin board or on the wall of your sewing room. Use a binder clip to hold the pages together and hang it on a push pin or nail. Or, use a hole punch to punch a hole in the top center of the calendar and directly hang it from a nail. At the end of the year, you’ll have a nice little keepsake tracking all the big events of the year and all of your makes. I hope you enjoy this calendar and I wish you a very happy new year!