Ali Sweatshirt Tester Roundup

I had a great group of testers for my new pattern, the Ali Sweatshirt, and today I’m sharing a few of their photos and quotes. Having people test a pattern is essential for finding parts of the pattern that could be refined as well as typos and errors. After the first round of testing this pattern, I made the sleeves narrow more at the cuff. (Although I did do a second round of testing, most of these photos are from before that change.) I'm so grateful to each and every one of the people who volunteered to test, for taking the time to sew up a new pattern and provide feedback.

“The Ali Sweatshirt is my FAVORITE sweatshirt!!! It's comfy and fun for lounging at home but sporty and the perfect loose fit for working out. The different pieces make it the perfect pattern for color blocking. I'll be making at least 5 more!”
Alexis, Pomegranates & Pieces

“The Ali Sweatshirt pattern is a stylish basic and a quick sew! There are so many opportunities to play with pattern and color in this dynamic sweatshirt. I'm excited to make it again!”
Emily, @thestoryclubpdx

Amaanda from  @23camels

Amaanda from @23camels

“This was such a fun pattern! I really enjoyed even taping the pattern together (so crazy right?!). It was pretty straight forward to sew up once I figured out my fabric’s idiosyncrasies (& stopped sewing so late at night...). I really like the yoke detail and top-stitching (plus tutorial!). Even though it was more of a stretch style wise for me - not normally a crop wearer - I will definitely make one again. It is going with me to yoga class tomorrow!”
Amaanda from @23camels

“I used a light-medium sweatshirt fleece with the recommended amount of stretch, and used the construction technique recommended in the instructions (narrow zig-zag finished with the serger) the result was perfect and professional looking! It took about 3 leisurely, enjoyable, hours to sew. The pattern is thoughtfully drafted and the instructions are as clear as though someone was alongside helping me. The finished garment is a perfect basic with unique details that elevate the style. The options are endless with blocking colors or textures and I will be able to fill my wardrobe with them! Thank you for a garment with a relaxing process and result that I am proud to say of "I made this!"
Cortney from

Kirsten from  @readrunsew

Kirsten from @readrunsew

Meghann from  Halfmoon Atelier

Meghann from Halfmoon Atelier

“I am brand new to sewing with knits, and my sweatshirt turned out well enough to wear in public! Cute twist on the basic sweatshirt. I plan on making a rainbow of colors and living in this sweatshirt! Extremely satisfying finished product thanks to clear instructions!”
– Kirsten from @readrunsew

"Sewn up in a lightweight knit, the Ali sweatshirt is the perfect extra layer for a slight breeze on a summer evening after spending the day at the beach.”
– Meghann from Halfmoon Atelier

Merrill from  @twodogs_and_a_sewingmachine  in her Ali Sweatshirt

Merrill from @twodogs_and_a_sewingmachine in her Ali Sweatshirt

“This was a quick and easy sew with details that give it a little something special. I love the cropped style and the dropped shoulder. The yoke and topstitching details make it more interesting than a regular crew neck sweatshirt. I will probably live in it.”
– Merrill from @twodogs_and_a_sewingmachine

"I love this sweater! The details lend themselves to fun colour blocking and it’s great for using up smaller scraps of jersey. I think it has a cool 90s sportswear vibe, I need to find some vintage 501s to go with this now!"
– Jenny from The Wardrobe Architect

Michelle from  @chiliandthebears

Michelle from @chiliandthebears

Michelle from  @chiliandthebears

Michelle from @chiliandthebears

“This is such an easy, quick yet satisfying sew. I love all of the top stitching elements that set this apart from other Dolman sleeve sweaters. I'm a sucker for a good finish! It's a loose comfortable fit and so easy to wear! I can't wait to fill my closet!!”
Michelle from @chiliandthebears

"This is such a fun sew, and it's so cozy to wear! The yoke, topstitching details, opportunity to colour-block, and the easy-to-wear athletic inspired shape create a top that can be personalized and worn in so many ways. This was my first time sewing a Sew DIY pattern, and I was especially blown away by the instructions, which are very thorough and which offer so many little tips and tricks for working with knits, with or without a serger."
Tessa from @springatet

"The Ali Sweatshirt is a quick and cozy project. I love it because I can sew most of it on the serger, save for the topstitching. There is also ample opportunity for creative color blocking, which is great because you are probably going to want more then one!”
Victoria from Victoria Day to Day

I want to give another BIG THANK YOU to all of my testers. I couldn't do it without you!

If you'd like to get your own copy of this pattern, you can find it in the shop here (or click the link at the right). Until Sunday Sept 16, 2018 at midnight Pacific time, you can get 15% off the Ali Sweatshirt with the code ALISWEATSHIRTLAUNCH.

And stay tuned for lots more posts on the Ali Sweatshirt. The sewalong will be starting next week with lots of tips and advice on this sweatshirt and photos of the sewing process.